Notify Customer by Email (for in-house jobs)

You can now have WMJ send email notifications to your customers for in-house jobs!

When creating a job, click the “Additional Options” button, then select whether you would like the customer to be notified each time the production status has changed on a job, or if you would like an email to only go out when the job has been completed.

customer by email



Another Friday, another weekend! Here are some recent updates from our tech department:

-Stitch count, thread sequence, and size added to embroidery PDF report

-Shipping Report created! (Quick Page 104)

– Position specified on PDF report (under image)

-Issue with downloading forms fixed

-“Invoice” field added to job search section

-Quick Page now defaults to Home page

-“New Digitizing” added to artwork drop down box

-Bug fixes on quote section

You can email us at with any questions or comments. Feedback is always appreciated!

By thejobbrigade


Here are some more recent updates from our tech team here at

-A “number of stitches” field added in “Embroidery Process” section of embroidery order form.

-Created an embroidery list page (quick page 94) similar to the screenprinting list.

-“Perforated” check box added to “Substrate Type” section of vinyl order form.

-Images on PDF printouts will now nicely fill in the whole space so they can easily be viewed.

-Production start date will now show up on the “Production Calendar”.

You can email us at with any questions or comments. Feedback is always appreciated!


We have been working hard to make WMJ as user friendly as possible. Here are some recent updates:

-You can now set a default start up page upon logging in.

-Added Quantity and Time columns on the screenprinting list.

-Added Broker column on all report pages.

-Modified the filter to just one above the top table, rather than one on each individual section.

-Improved embroidery production tab: added a spreadsheet to calculate production start date.

-Enlarged file images on outputted PDFs.

You can email us at with any questions or comments. Feedback is always appreciated!

Quote system only days away!

Good news, at the beginning of next week we should have the quote system up and running to be used (quote system mentioned in our SEP 18 post with picture).
Look out for it next week!

By thejobbrigade

Pricing and Quoting System on the way!

We have a pricing system that you can try out right away! If you have an account simply use the “Quick Page” feature on the bottom left of your wheresmyjob page and go to page “89”. Try it out and let us know what you think, we appreciate all and any feedback.

If you don’t have an account yet you can sign-up for free! Just follow this link:

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Quoting and Invoicing features in the works!

We are currently working on a quoting feature so that users can create a price list, and the job can automatically grab from that price list to quote customers with a click of a button!
Once this is ready we will be working on implementing an invoicing system that can export to 3rd party software such as QuickBooks.

Lots to look forward to! Let us know if you have any questions, we are all ears!

By thejobbrigade